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At Adore Lashes we specialise in handmade volume eyelash extensions and natural enhanchement. We have a passion for tailoring each lash set to suit your desired look, but we are also providing damage free lash extensions. 

Please be mindful that each and every set will be different, as we all have unique eyes and a various amount of natural lashes. The more you have lashes that are healthy, the fuller and darker your end results will be.

Lash Extensions

Lash Lifts

Lash lift is an option for those who are looking for something low maintenance and natural. With this service your lashes will get lifted from the roots, which makes your eyes pop and look more open. 

You can choose an option for a vitamin treatment. This treatment is full of vitamins that will nourish your lashes after exposing them to chemicals, improving the lash structure, and also stimulating new hair growth. Your natural lashes will grow thicker, longer and fuller in between treatments. 

You can come for a maintenance appointment every 4 weeks, or after 6-8 weeks for a new lift and tint. 

Lash lifts can be done with or without a tint.

Lifts starting from $80



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